Growing healthier, smaller.

Hello Church Family!

First, we wanted to give an important update regarding our New Life Gatherings. 

Drive in Church - CANCELLED

We had mentioned recently about our plans to begin having Drive in Church beginning Sunday, May 31st.  We wanted to make you aware that this is CANCELLED. As a leadership team, we decided at this point to go in the direction of having "2+ Gatherings" in lieu of having Drive in Church.

2+ Gatherings

We have the knowledge that “The Church” is not a facility, it is a people who are called together to carry forward the mission of reconciliation and hope on the earth. Just because we cannot meet in a large group at this point in time like we have in the past does not mean that the Church is dead. We have a certainty that God desires for us to continue pressing into Him and not to forsake the gathering of ourselves.

We have our neighborhoods and community, our coworkers and family members which still in need of the hope of Christ.

We have our homes, our hospitality, and the warmth of sincere hope for the future.

Though we cannot meet in the way we want at this stage - perhaps there is a different way that God wants us to gather together. Reaching back into the book of Acts, at the birth of the Church, people met in homes... catacombs...and any place that they could make worshiping together happen!

The Church grew in strength and numbers through many smaller gatherings. In these scattered gatherings people of all types learned: to encounter God, worship Him, they learned to pray - to intercede, to pray with the understanding and in the Spirit. They learned to practice the gifts of the Spirit, they heard the letters from the apostles, were baptized in water, baptized the Holy Spirit, and learned to witness Christ Jesus in the face of persecution. They learned to carry the torch of the gospel’s co-mission...a mission designed to be carried out together...in cooperation!

This is the Church. It grew bigger by growing healthier, smaller.

So, as a first step in transitioning from only being online for our Sunday morning worship experiences these past couple of months to being able to meet together again as a large group in the building for worship we will be having members of our congregation meet all over in our communities in groups of 10 or less. Meeting in these smaller groups to worship, while viewing the Sunday morning worship experience together, will allow for meaningful connection and prayer times. We are excited for this next step - in growing healthier, smaller. We want to challenge everyone to join in on a "2+ Gathering!"

We will be communicating more this week concerning gathering locations. If you are willing to host a 2+ Gathering, attend, or facilitate please use the contact us section of this website to let us know!  We would like to begin with our 2+ Gatherings on Sunday, May 31st - which is Pentecost Sunday!


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