The Season Ahead

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Pastor's communication below.

Summer 2021 Mid-Week  Prayer Schedule

June 2 - Heartland CC 7PM

June 9 - Wesleyan 7PM

*June 16 - Missionary Tom Keating - 6:30PM

June 23 - Heartland CC 7PM

June 30 - Wesleyan 7PM

July 7 - ISU 7PM

July14 - Heartland CC 7PM

*July 21 - Missionaries The Whites 6:30PM

July 28 - ISU 7PM

August 4 - ISU 7PM

*August 11 - Missionary Mark Schuler 6:30PM

Please note the time difference and location on “*” dates.  These meetings will be at New Life Fellowship and take place at 6:30.  These meetings will be our missions focus guided prayer, led by the missionaries listed.


Dear New Life Family,

Before I say anything else, Shelley and I want you to know how much we love serving as your pastors.  It is an honor and privilege that we do not take lightly.

We have weathered much together.  As we emerge from this season together we do so with the blessing of God, who, in His mercy saw fit to add to us during a time when so many have only known loss.  The Lord is gracious and kind. If you are new to our fellowship we welcome you. But this welcome is not without our eye on the mission that God has set before us.  All of us who now call New Life our church home, have a responsibility, a high calling to press into Jesus!   Whatever we were before, now we must take care that our light is clearly shining the beacon of hope in Christ for our cities to see.  Answering this call necessitates a full yieldedness to the Holy Spirit in every part of our lives.  

Sometime ago the Holy Spirit spoke to me that we were entering a period of time that would require that we walk by faith and not lack.  I believe this is an indicator that we must be ardent not only about our obedience to hear the Word but also our obedience to practice it.  We will see the Lord will cause our obedience to be fruitful for the Kingdom.   We can either be people who know about their God or people who live out a deep, abiding knowledge of God, born out of relationship.  Relationship that compels us to venture into places with Him that we have yet to dream of.


Daniel 11:32b ASV

“...the people that know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”


More recently one of our Church Family had a dream that I believe was from the Lord.  They shared it with me and with their permission I share it with you.

You and I were driving in a car on the west side of Bloomington. I had heard about a towing business that was closed due to it being broken down and damaged. I knew that people had been asked to donate to help rebuild it and I was planning on donating to it. When we found the place, I pointed out to you that the pavement alongside of it was rippled and cracked and an upheaval had taken place. I said that there was a hidden fault line deep underneath that area that no one knew was there. There had been a shifting underneath, like a small earthquake, that caused damage to the building. That was the end of the dream.

The Lord revealed to me the interpretation. The towing company represents New Life. Tow trucks rescue broken down vehicles and carry them to get repaired just as the church rescues people and brings them to Jesus. The church was broken and damaged due to something hidden from the past which caused a spiritual shifting and upheaval. In the dream people were expected to donate to help rebuild the towing business. God is expecting us to come together to help restore our church.

I believe the days ahead will be challenging but good.  We must not only go out in the harvest fields as laborers but we must also build up a storehouse capable of keeping the harvest.  This means it is time for us to pull together and get things on track that will meet people where they are with the love of Jesus.  Everyone has a part to play.  

As things have opened up we’ve seen growth and an increase in building use for ministry.  We must pull together.  These things are good but ask us to pay attention to what God is stirring among us.  Church happens because the people of that church believe themselves to be the church in motion, they believe in the mission and get behind it. Each of us have a part to play as the heartbeat of New Life.  The story God is writing through you is incredible. It’s just that presently we lack the perspective to see it. But soon enough friends...soon enough. 

We need to reimagine what New Life will look like as we move forward. We need “imagineers”!  We need people to serve in Audio Visual ministry, online church production team, greeters and hosts, Children’s workers, youth workers, volunteers to help with lawn maintenance, clean our building and lead small groups. We have a building that is paid for but in need of love and creativity. And finally we must press into Jesus together.  There is nothing...NO THING in this world that is worth trading for what God dreams of doing in and through us.  A divine adventure awaits us.  He chose us to be alive at this moment in history on purpose.  What will you do with it. Where will you go with Him. Let’s go!

We will have an Imagineers Team meeting/potluck following church on June 27th. Meat will be provided.  Please bring a dish or two to share with enough for your family plus one.

Spoiled for the ordinary,

Pastors James & Shelley