Phase 2 What to Expect

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Hello New Life Family!

We wanted to touch base now that we are in the second month of meeting together on Sunday mornings for worship. This coming Sunday, July 12, 2020 we will be entering the second phase of our re-launching efforts, which will include children’s church after our praise and worship time.

As you know social distancing at that young of an age is not in kids’ normal mindsets and actions, no matter how much it is stressed. While we will do our best to limit physical contact between children, we won’t pretend to be able to guarantee it. We will however, make sure they wash their hands. Masks are optional and your childrens’ participation in New Life Kids is dependent on your choice as a parent. Please feel free to have children sit through the entirety of the morning worship experience in the sanctuary, if that is preferred. 

During this phase, the nursery will continue to be available for your personal use, but will not be staffed by a New Life volunteer. The nursing mothers room as well as the infant side of the nursery will be available for use as “cry rooms” if needed. 

During the shelter in place we had pre-recorded and premiered videos of our morning worship experiences. Since resuming corporate gatherings in person we have noted that the live messages have experienced a much higher viewing than the pre-recorded. Therefore, we are moving exclusively to a live broadcast on Facebook of the message portion of the worship experiences. 

We understand that as regular schedules have been disrupted for several months now many of us have developed new patterns and habits. As things shift again all around us please remember you are still the Church.  Pursue Jesus whether you are still sheltering in place or are venturing out again. 

Jesus is concerned with every issue of your life.  Even the decisions to venture out.  Some of us have serious health risks that weigh in on our decision making process. Others of us do not, or have simply made the choice to carry-on with some level of normalcy. In any case these are questions of personal conviction that garner no judgement.  We want to strongly remind and encourage you, remember, you are an important part of what makes New Life a living organism! You matter here. When you are ready and able you are welcome.  Many who have begun attending in person again miss seeing your faces and are praying for you.  Whether you’re watching online or in person you need to know that you are valued and missed.

In addition, we want to thank all of you for your faithfulness in giving and online participation. As we have resumed in person gatherings we are beginning to see more visitors.  Please do not hesitate to invite your friends and when you see a person new to our gatherings, be a friend! While many churches have struggled through this season the Lord has been kind to us.  Thank you Jesus!  I believe that God’s kindness will continue as our faithfulness does.  Extravagant obedience to the ways of the Lord is a wonderful conduit which the generosity of the Kingdom flows. Keep on yielding to His leadership.  Let’s be present in the place of prayer, earnestly seeking to give all of ourselves that He might increase in us.  Keep on pressing into the instruction of the word of God. Keep on seeking after the gifts of the Spirit and endeavoring to walk by that same Spirit. Keep on cultivating the fruit of the Spirit within you. Keep on being salt and light. Keep on loving the Lord our God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. Keep on loving one another as He has loved us.

These past several weeks during our Wednesday night prayer meetings we have been experiencing a very sweet presence of the Lord. This last week was certainly no exception. We went to the Bloomington Police Department and County Sheriffs office to pray for the men and women who work there. The Lord opened up some interesting doors for us relationally that we look forward to cultivating. Please consider joining us Wednesday evenings at 6:30 for midweek passionate core prayer!

Finally, please hold our missions team in prayer as a number of us are traveling to Wisconsin this week to work with a church plant in New Holstein.  We want to be an encouragement and a blessing to this new work as we spread hope together. Thank you for your partnership both financially and in prayer. The blessing of the Lord be upon you in abundant supply!

Spoiled for the ordinary,

Pastor James