Kingdom Venture 22-Day 5

15 January    
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adapted from Break Free

Let Go
The lie we believe is that we, independent of God, shall be like God.  So, being like God,  we believe we should be in control of our lives.  The truth is, we will only know freedom when we surrender our lives to Christ and give Him control.


Kingdom Venture -Day 4

14 January    
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Kingdom Venture 22 -Day 3

13 January  
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Adapted from “Break Free”


Kingdom Venture 22 -Day 2

12 January    
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This is a little lengthy but please invest the time to give it a read as it is intended to set tone for this year’s Kingdom Venture.



New Life Communication

26 June    
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New Life Family, 


June 2021 Communication

02 June    
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Pastor's communication below.

Summer 2021 Mid-Week  Prayer Schedule

June 2 - Heartland CC 7PM

June 9 - Wesleyan 7PM

*June 16 - Missionary Tom Keating - 6:30PM

June 23 - Heartland CC 7PM

June 30 - Wesleyan 7PM

July 7 - ISU 7PM

July14 - Heartland CC 7PM

*July 21 - Missionaries The Whites 6:30PM

July 28 - ISU 7PM

August 4 - ISU 7PM