"Kingdom Venture"

01 January    

Breakthrough: Living in a Place of Supernatural Transformation

11 September    
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Recently I preached from 1 Samuel 5-7:14.  The challenge for us to turn whole heartedly to the Lord has continued to resonate within me.  I must decide as an individual whether or not I will allow the Lord to have His way in me.



29 June    
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Summer is considered playtime for many in this part of the nation as winter tends to keep us close to home and cabin fever is our shared ailment.  When summer arrives we desire to run and play. While playtime is important and needed the temptation is to marginalize church life during the summer.   We tend to connect when we can squeeze it in. However, our need for Christ centered community does not change. Our need to be anchored in the Kingdom should increase as the temptation to marginalize it speaks louder.  


21 Days of Fasting and Prayer Devotional-Day 21

26 January    

This devotional is adapted from the YouVersion, “Less of Me/More of Him” a fasting devotional plan by Jentezen Franklin.


DAY 21